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Rock N' Roller Coaster

FastPass, Height 48", 2 minute Roller Coaster, Transfer from ECV or wheelchair

Rock N' Roller Coaster takes you on a high speed Limo ride to make the Aerosmith show across town.  During the preshow guest visit the band in a  recording studio.  As the band leaves for their concert they tell their manager to get you a ride to the concert.  Guests then enter an alley where they find their stretch limo waiting for them.

Once guests enter their stretch limo they travel 0 to 60 in 2.6 seconds.   The start of this ride is either loved or hated, which always makes for great pictures.  The flash at the start of the ride is for the ride pictures guest can purchase after the ride.  During the rest of the ride, guest will experience high speed twists, turns and loops all in the dark with Areosmith's music playing through out the ride.

Caution: high speed roller coaster, Dark, Loud

MouseMom's Tips:

  • Go early or use FastPass
  • Use Parent Swap, the non-riding parent can wait inside the store where the exit of the ride is located.   I enjoy watching the expressions of people exiting the ride when waiting for riders on the ride.
  • If there is someone who does not know if they want to ride, seeing the excitement of the guests exiting the ride might help make up their mind to ride.
  • Use the restrooms located to the left of the building as you approach the ride before getting in line.
  • Empty all pockets and take off hats and glasses before riding.
  • When entering the "Recording Studio" stand as close to the far wall as possible. When the door on the wall opens after the preshow walk into the alley and you will not have to wait behind the other guests in the recording studio.
  • There will be a flash after the ride starts, this is where guest pictures is taken.  You can see the ride pictures after you exit the ride.
  • Even with a FastPass, this ride can take 30 or more minutes due to the limited number of guests allowed to enter the preshow and long lines inside the building.  You will not be able to tell from the outside if there is a long lines inside the building.

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